"By the way, Miss Wright, I have been seeking an opportunity all day of seeing you with reference to the new spinnet that your mother wished us to order from Montreal. We had a letter from the firm this morning, and I was going up to see you about it."

After which they floated down the stream singing:

An hour before the time appointed for meeting him, a flotilla of bark canoes, with gay pennants floating in the breeze, drew up before the Richmond Landing to await his arrival. They waited and waited, but he came not.




Phil's scepticism was a crushing grief to his mother and sister, who set themselves resolutely to win him to the faith with the full force of their intellects. They read, they pleaded, they wrote, they argued, they reasoned. As time went on their best efforts seemed frustrated, and, when at length they seemed to come to the end of all their resources, both cast themselves in utter despair upon God and prayed as only a mother and sister can. Nor did they pray in vain, for the time came when he found his way out of the darkness into the light of truth.

  粉碎“四人帮”后,我对在天安门事件中所犯的镇压群众的错误作了多次检讨。我还检查说:“我在天安门广场事件的广播讲话中,诬蔑了邓小平同志。”在当时的历史条件下,由于我所处的地位,我无法不执行毛主席和中央政治局的决议。尽管如此,错误总归是错误,只要把它放在历史的长河中去考察和认识,是可以做到心悦诚服的。 必威官网手机登录

"De Beeg Chief he want to know, heem, by what autorit茅 you fellers, you, cut down hees wood and tak' hees lan'?"






"Well," he added, thoughtfully, "the odds are against you four to one."

The announcement had thrown the whole population into a state of great excitement, for there were not many places in the backwoods settlement in which a duke could reasonably expect hospitality. It therefore fell to Mr. Wright's lot to have the honor of entertaining His Grace, and great and costly had been the preparations.必威官网手机登录

"'Cest un bon petit crapeau, madame,' I ventured to remark, patting the boy on the head and thinking that I was paying a great compliment.